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Product no.: P140000154

EFD 1800/DECT-SMA PROCOM. End fed ½ ʎ dipole antenna with SMA connector for portable equipment in the DECT band; high gain and efficient decoupling from the portable equipment due to half wave design; high quality materials in a long lasting and durable design; provided with SMA-m connector

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Product no.: P140000213
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Product no.: P140000272

ELF 1800/DCS-TNC PROCOM Elevated feed ½ λ dipole antenna element, groundplane independent; for DCS 1710 - 1880 MHz; flexible antenna element in elastic shroud; TNC plug

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Product no.: P140000249

ELF 1800/DECT-TNC PROCOM Elevated feed ½ λ dipole antenna element groundplane independent; flexible dipole element with TNC male connector, range 1880 - 1900 MHz

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Product no.: P140000228
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Product no.: P140000220
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Product no.: P140000219
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Product no.: P140000379
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Product no.: 20216

FME plug to BNC elbow plug, black adaptor

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