Portable antenna

Portable antenna

Antennas for portable equipment like handheld radios, modems or data transceivers

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Product no.: 00122

HB9CV/70cm portable antenna, gain: 4 dBd, (BNC-f), finish: chrom plated

48.45 *
Product no.: 00123

HB9CV/23cm Portable AntennaHB9CV/23cm, portable Antenna for 1280 MHz, gain: 4 dBd, (BNC-m), finish: chrom plated. ultra small antenna with semi rigid cable as "mast" terminated with BNC plug. Dimensions: 100 mm long, 40 mm wide, approx. 60 mm high for 1280 MHz, Gain: 4 dBd, (BNC-m), finish: chrom plated

36.40 *
Product no.: 00120

HB9CV/2m Portable Antenna, detachable, 4 dBHB9CV/2m Portable Antenna, detachable, 4 dBd, (UHF-f), finish: chrome platedd, (UHF-f)

72.00 *
Product no.: P140000157-433

EFD 70/433-FME End-Fed ½ λ dipole antenna for 433 MHz, FME-f

46.59 *
Product no.: P140000186-433

EFSS 70/433-FME; PROCOM endfed L/2 dipole antenna for 433 MHz, FME -f

44.86 *
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