Spare parts CREATE

Spare parts CREATE

We stock spare parts for CREATE antenna rotators

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Product no.: 01067

RC 5AD Mounting hardware - lower mast clamp set for RC type rotators from CREATE, Japan, adapter plate plus standard mast clamp set RC 5 A/B, MC-2

172.90 *
Product no.: 01065

RC 5-C Spare parts for CREATE RC 5-1 and RC 5-3 antenna rotator upper mast bracket

89.40 *
Product no.: 01081

RC 5A/B, Upper mast clamp set for RC type rotators, CREATE spare part for RC 5A and RC 5B type rotators

99.00 *
Product no.: 01902

Spare connector for CREATE antenna rotators 7 pin

33.95 *
Product no.: 01999-RC-BuA

Connector for rotator unit, old version for CREATE

29.80 *
Product no.: 01999-RC-BuN

Spare panel mount connector, 7-pin, new version for CREATE

28.60 *
Product no.: 01999-RC-OPF

Output flange for CREATE RC 5A model rotator, MC62

68.00 *
Product no.: 01999-RC-Sealing

Sealing for output flange for CREATE rotator type RC 5-xxx made of black rubber - rubber seal only, no output flange included! -

8.50 *
Product no.: 01901

RC-Poti 5 kOhm spare part potentiometer for rotators and control box

25.00 *
Product no.: 01913

Gear No 13 for CREATE RC 5-1 and RC 5-3

62.00 *
Product no.: 01999-RC-200uF

Spare capacitor 200 uF / 125 VAC for RC... type rotator from CREATE

40.50 *
Product no.: 01999-RC-125uF

Spare capacitor 125 uF / 125 VAC for RC... type Rotator from CREATE

32.80 *
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