Strain Reliefs grey for RG 58

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Strain Reliefs for cables with outer diameter of 5 mm like G1(RG-58C/U); G41 (0.6/2.8-4.7); RAL 9005; Farbe / colour: silver grey, TG-No: B00081G1272 / New 100001238

Also suitable for:

G1 (RG-58C/U); G41 (0.6/2.8-4.7) RG-58C/U, 7806A, 9907, CNT-195, HPF 195, KX 15, LMR-195, WCX195, 0.6/2.8 AF, 0.6/2.8C - HM (FR-NC), 1855A HDTV, 1855ENH, 46899, FRNC 0.6/2.8 AF, Image 360, SDV, VK5/0.6 FRLS 0.6/2.8, 0.6/2.8C - HM, 1855A, VDM230

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