CXL 2400-8LW/h Base station antenna

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CXL 2400-8LW/h

Vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station and marine antenna with 8 dBd gain for 2530 - 2660 MHz; provided with the sturdy „LW“ mast mount - a lightweight, multipurpose, epoxy coated mounting bracket made of non corrosive aluminum; the accompanying U bolts and fittings made of stainless steel; the cable can be led either on the outside or along the inside of the mast tube; highly suitable for duplex operation with large spacing between TX- and RX-frequencies; the antenna element is sealed in a high quality, conical glass fibre tube; all metal parts in the antenna are DC grounded to reduce the noise caused by atmospherical discharge - consequently the antenna shows a DC short across the coaxial cable

Antennentyp /
Antenna type

Kollinear, breitbandig /
Collinear, broad banded

Frequenzbereich /
Frequency range

2530 - 2660 MHz

Impedanz /

Nom. 50 Ohm

Polarisation /

Vertikal /

Gewinn /

8 dBd (10.2 dBi)

Öffnungswinkel /
Half power beamwidth


< 1.5

Max. Leistung /
Max. power

100 W

Antistatikschutz /
Antistatic protection

Alle Metallteile DC-geerdet (Stecker zeigt DC-Kurzschluss) /
All metal parts DC-grounded (connector shows a DC-short)

Temperaturbereich /
Temperature range

-30 °C / +70 °C

Windfläche /
Wind surface

ca. 0.037 m²

Windlast /
Wind load

46 N @ 160 km/h

Material /

Schutzrohr: Glasfiber
Montagehalterung: Aluminium, epoxidbeschichtet
Klemmen: Edelstahl /

Shroud: polyurethane coated glass fibre
Mounting bracket: seawater resistant aluminum, epoxy coated
Clamps: stainless steel

Anschluss /

N-Buchse /
N female

Farbe /

Marineweiß /
Marine white

Gesamtlänge /
Total Length

ca. 1.15 m

Gewicht /

ca. 900 g

Durchmesser Ant.-Kopf /
Dia. in top end

21 mm

Durchmeser Ant.-Fuß /
Dia. in bottom end

23 mm

Montage /

An Masten mit 16 mm - 54 mm Durchmesser /
On 16 mm - 54 mm dia. mast tube

Art-Nr. / Part No.:



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